Zesty Z: The Za'atar Co.

Zesty Z is a brand dedicated to the awesome flavor and versatility of Za’atar. 


Our product is the first and only Za'atar condiment to market! The best part is ​that ​you never refrigerate a jar even after opening.​ We're ​A​ll Natural, Heart Healthy, GF, ​P​lant ​Based, ​S​ugar ​F​ree, and ​Low ​S​odium. ​Our customers ​enjoy ​Zesty Z​ with cheeseboard​s​ or a condiment at any meal!

Za'atar is ​a​n​ herb mix from the Mediterranean​/Middle East​ ​made from ​​native thyme​ and spices​. Za'atar is​ a cultural food staple enjoyed by millions across the region to cook with or flavor foods. Our goal is to introduce America to Za'atar​!​ 


The brand​,​ like it's product​ and founders, is bold and authentic.