The future flavor is Za'atar.


Mediterranean bliss with every meal. 







Za'atar Mexican Corn!


A Mediterranean remix to a street food classic. 


Re-evalute the meaning of cheeseburger. 

Mediterranean Watermelon Salad.


Dazzle + Drizzle. 

Get hip to Za'atar!  


Your cheeseboard and guests will thank you.  

Zesty Z was launched in 2016 by mother-son duo, Lorraine and Alexander Harik, and is based in Brooklyn, New York. Alexander learned as a child that FOOD IS LOVE! As he grew older, Alexander longed.... Read more
Zesty Z™ is a healthy condiment that adds bold Mediterranean flavor to any meal. Let us help you make better lifestyle and food choices! When you use Zesty Z, you'll be enjoying a plant based... Read more